For wholesale brands: Why FAIRLING is a good alternative to trade fairs due to more and more in-person gatherings being canceled or postponed due to COVID-19

Yes, we have all had very rough times over the last past few weeks. The current COVID-19 crisis is definitely scratching our nerves. Not even can we not meet family and friends, also the small business and brand owners among us have a hard time at the moment. 

For many brands and small businesses, it is a hard challenge to not have the opportunity to promote their unique products at trade fairs or other promoting events. For many brands, this is the only way to get in direct contact with resellers and potential customers. But now since this is not an option for several months in the future, brands have to think outside the box and look for other, maybe even better options that they can adapt to in the future to grow the awareness and popularity of their brand and products.

Ever since the COVID-19 crisis, the rethinking of how brands can still reach out to resellers was a big issue. We want to help brands that do not want to give up and want to adapt to new possibilities! May we introduce ourselves; We are FAIRLING. We love diversity. We believe in the beauty of retail. And in the happiness that comes with offering unique and creative products to customers searching for something special out there. We put quality before quantity. And we celebrate conscious shopping in the era of fast consumption. We are FAIRLING.

The team of Findeling & FAIRLING

We are one of the fastest-growing startups in Retail Tech. We digitalize a fast-changing market: analogue lifestyle fairs and trade shows. Using smart algorithms, we have created a platform that connects brands and stores with each other easily, fast and online.

Our mantra has always been “Think big, shop small”, we are all for supporting small and new brands and connecting them with resellers that fit in the image of the brand perfectly – and the other way around. So basically we are an online platform where brands can apply to, set up their profile with all the information about their unique products, and help them to find the fitting resellers – to support small businesses off the beaten track of great, mass-producing companies – shopping there you can not help but ask yourself where are all the love and care for a product and the joy of connecting real people while shopping at small businesses that resell unique products of brands that you can not find elsewhere?

So long story short – you are a brand with unique products and you are looking for alternatives aside from trade fairs that will be worth an investment and could possibly be a permanent feature and option for your future plans in the current COVID-19 crisis – then we are for you and would be pleased to meet you!

Welcome to the revolution of wholesale.

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In a world where you can shop anywhere - shop local!

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