This article for this year’s Shop Local Day gives you a little insight into what we’re doing for our beloved independent stores. Our focus is to support them in every possible way and to keep strengthening the network of local stores. The day, which aims to celebrate the shop diversity of small shops, thus not only connects the store owners and their customers but of course, also tells all the stories and show the people behind the brands and products that are on the shelves of the shops.

You will also learn how you as a brand can benefit from Shop Local Day and the advantages of being part of such a unique network.

1. The story behind shop local day

It is very close to our hearts that small stores get the great attention they deserve. That’s why, as the initiators of Shop Local Day, our sister platform Findeling launched the day dedicated to shopping diversity for local stores in 2018. We celebrate the love for small stores because they deserve the most attention – and now more than ever. Because: local, independent retail is important. It makes our cities livable, colorful, and diverse. And that alone is reason enough to dedicate a special day of action to it.

Stores from sectors ranging from fashion to interior, food, or gift articles will be taking part in this day. After the successful premiere in 2018 with more than 50 cooperation partners and an even more colorful continuation in 2019, Shop Local Day also took place in Austria and Switzerland for the first time last year. And was thus even bigger and more diverse than before.

This day of action has become even more important, especially in the last two years. Particularly, after the last difficult months, we want to draw attention to the many creative concepts in our neighborhoods. This year, Shop Local Day will take place on Saturday, September 18th, 2021.

Insight into a store that participated in Shop Local Day
2. How can the brands benefit from the shop local day?

The number of customers visiting the shops is of course particularly high on this day. This means that brands that have their products in local shops can automatically increase their reach and awareness. As visitors would also potentially buy your products, you could well expand your market reach. Our sister platform Findeling, which takes care of the local shops, works together with renowned newspapers, Shop Local Day ambassadors, and well-known influencers. This way, a potential reach of 7 million people in the region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland could be recorded in 2019. In the same year, around 40,000 visitors took part in Shop Local Day. For the brands, it is particularly interesting that the target group consists mainly of 25-40-year-olds. About 60% of them are female, quality-oriented, well-connected, but above all willing to pay.

In addition to the activity taking place in our shops, we are also seeing a significant increase in activity on the platform and interactions. In the weeks leading up to Shop Local Day, we’ve had 40% more enquiries from brands in recent years.
We want to use this day to strengthen the diversity of our unique shops in general, so that the beautiful concept stores, fair fashion shops, and amazing stores continue to be preserved. So that you can continue to find a nice spot for your great products, we want to support the shops as much as possible and keep our streets colourful and alive.

3. How will Shop Local Day 2021 take place?

Especially on social media, but also on the day itself, there are exciting events for the shopkeepers and their customers. Some ambassadors conduct interviews with shop owners and show customers a few behind-the-scenes views. In addition, customers can enjoy great competitions and visit the beautiful little shops everywhere. Maybe they will soon be able to find your products there?

This year, the focus is mainly on being seen online. Of course, on Shop Local Day itself, people should visit the shops, stroll around and shop for their favourite products. However, the great events and competitions will primarily take place online in the social networks to increase visibility there. Of course, one thing remains the same: on Shop Local Day, all the shops of the Findeling community become part of one big, common whole. The shops that make our streets so unique are celebrated.

If you also want to see your products in these wonderful shops, just book a free demo call and we will be very happy to talk with you about your possibilities or answer your questions!


Unique brands and individual shops need to be supported.

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