We like to call FAIRLING an online dating site for brands: the goal is to get a perfect and long-lasting match between brands and stores.  And we can tell you this much: there is already quite an amount of great FAIRLING-Love Stories to tell. One of them is the story of Spread The Light.

Spread The Light works with us on FAIRLING since August, 2022. With their unique bamboo light designs they have already received five requests from interested retailers. The love story between Spread The Light and unique retailers was a full success. Through FAIRLING, Spread The Light has been able to find long-lasting partnerships.

The Spanish brand Spread The Light was founded by Malou and Andreas with the intention of creating a light from sustainable materials that brings our homes a warm and cozy atmosphere.

“Life is short. Life goes fast. And what I really want to do in my life is to bring something new, something beautiful and something filled with light into the world. I try to think of that every day…”

How did it all start? What is the idea behind Spread The Light?

With our brand we have fulfilled a dream: We wanted to create and spread light, and develop products that have a story and an intention. Behind every Spread the Light product is a lot of handwork, love and detail.

The idea is to make a living but at the same time bring something beautiful to the world that will help people to raise the atmosphere in their homes with our handmade bamboo lights. And something that does minimal harm to the environment. Especially the environmental friendly and sustainability aspect is really important to us. 

More people than ever before are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of protecting our natural resources and becoming more sustainable, so it isn’t too surprising that so many consumers are now looking for alternatives to plastic that are natural and biodegradable. One of those options is bamboo. One of the most sustainable materials on the planet, bamboo is amazingly durable and strong while also minimizing the damage that we do to the planet. Bamboo grows super-fast, regenerates quickly after being cut down and is a great storer of carbon and supplier of oxygen (up to 30% more than other plants). This all makes bamboo a wonderful product for the world of tomorrow!

Producing and manufacturing bamboo helps to sustain traditional industries in communities, creating jobs for people who live in areas with a need for greater economic and social stability. The core of our company is located in Vietnam, and a family-run home factory handles our production needs. We give them a fair price and they give us beautiful products, enabling us to contribute to each other’s lives in a positive way.


We are Malou and Andreas Swart, owners of Spread The Light and we started our business of bamboo lamps because we believe everyone can Spread Light by focusing our mind on the good and the beauty in the world. Our goal is to remind the people of this with the symbol of a beautiful handmade light. We are all here to Spread the Light and illuminate darkness. 

Our family was at a crossroads when an idea lit up and took shape. We were on a beach in Spain and we had just met Christoff. His beautiful designs changed our world. Until then, business seemed like it was all about money, which we were not. Yet we needed to make a living. But what if it is possible to do business AND support people on their personal journey? 

And so Spread the Light was born: Handmade. Sustainable. With love. We believe every person has the ability to shine. We believe our lovingly made lamps can bring light, beauty and love into the homes of every person.

What was your favorite highlight or happy moment in the last months?

Our highlight was to give some of our products to friends and family and the joy we felt while seeing them so happy about receiving our products.

In marketing and sales, you rely on strong, long-term relationships with your retailers AND CUSTOMERS. Why do they choose you?

We choose each other because there is a click. Generally speaking, stores that are leaning towards spirituality and inner development tend to appreciate our lamps. We also enjoy having contact with the people behind these stores because they seem to be on a similar path as we are, doing this resonates and feels good.

The nice thing about FAIRLING, for example, is that we can write directly to the stores and get to know them personally. Especially for brands that care about the people behind them, this is a great feature. We then select the stores that appeal to us and that, above all, also understand our mission and products – so they are then much easier to sell in a store.

You have received 5 requests so far ON FAIRLING. Can you TELL us a little MORE ABOUT THeSe LOVE STORies WITH YOUR NEW RETAIL PARTNERs?

We have one contact in Göttingen with the store Joya Jewels. This contact felt really good from the start. As if there was trust from one to another. This made the prices really smooth and enjoyable. We want to form meaningful connections with retailers and therefore also offer starter packages in our wholesale business. These are three bundles from which stores can easily choose their suitable package. This saves them some time browsing through all the products, and we show them our bestsellers and favorite products right away. For example, one store from Austria went straight for the big package at FAIRLING. We would recommend this to other brands as well, since store owners often don’t have as much time and it simplifies the selection process.

Where should the journey go? What is the vision of Spread The Light?

Our vision for Spread the light is to expand the good we can do, the joy we can give. For instance by planting a tree for every sold lamp or by becoming CO2 neutral. We hope our products are helpful for people to grow and flourish. To promote equality and respect for each other, the producers, the costumers, the employees, and nature. We want our products to be born out of a source of inspiration and to inspire others. 

Is there anything you would definitely advise other young, emerging brands to do?

Enjoy the ride! That’s the most important thing. In hindsight it’s always easy to do things differently but in our experience you have to go through the motions to understand more about the business. 

We might have the belief that we can not change. And it might be this very belief that keeps you feeling stuck, from moving forward to the change you want to see.

Let us stop believing in this, let’s go forward in the knowledge that we all have the capability to change into becoming the best version of ourselves. Whatever that may be. Let’s be open for new possibilities, for unexpected manifestations and for a change that comes from the inside, a change that is sustainable and sweet.

Thank you, Andreas, for the lovely interview! We wish you all the best for you, your team and Spread The Light! Hopefully, there will be many more Love Stories for you to experience!

Company: Spread The Light
Founder: Malou & Andreas
Country: Spain
Active FAIRLING member since: August, 2022 to this day
First request: August 30th, 2022
Locations of interested stores through FAIRLING
so far:
5 cities, 5 countries
Performance so far: 255 interested shops,
6 requests so far

All pictures by © Spread The Light

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