There are so many brands we would like to introduce to you – here are some of them.

You’re a shop owner and would like to round off your assortment with selected and sustainable products? You are a brand and curious about the other great brands on FAIRLING? We have some inspiration!

We browsed through all of our countless wonderful brands and found some treasures which we don’t want to hide from you.

We would like to present you 5 wonderful brands which are not only giftable, but also sustainable. Let yourself be inspired by the following products.

scentorie - sustainable scented candles

A candle manufactory from Hannover

SCENTORIE is a young brand that produces elegant and sustainable scented candles without using any allergenic or toxic fragrance ingredients. To achieve this, they work with specialized perfumers who compose unique scents without using any fragrance ingredients that are harmful to health. 

hermandia - accessories made out of wood

Accessories made out of wood

With respect for nature, Hermandia creates unique products like flies or jewellery. The brand’s design studio was founded in 2018 by designer Hermanni Vuorisalo and their idea is based on detailed craftsmanship, reusing quality left-over materials, and ethical consumption. 

gemondo - ethically-sourced gemstones

Ethically-sourced gemstones

Gemondo is a British jewellery brand specializing in fine and demi-fine gemstones and metals. They offer a beautiful collection of exquisite rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and charms from contemporary, classic to vintage designs.

herbes folles - weeds-based skincare products

Weeds-based skincare products

Herbes Folles’ unique skincare products are made from grass and weeds. Their products benefit from the powerful nutrients and antioxidants that these plants offer. The brand swears by no use of palm oil as well as a vegan and cruelty-free production.

eaubottle - sustainable thermos

Sustainable Thermos

The bottle is made of stainless steel and the cap is made of 65% recycled fishing nets. Also, the production is plastic and BPA-free. These bottles do not only keep beverages hot or cold but are also available in many different colours and limited editions. 

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