We like to call FAIRLING an online dating site for brands: the goal is to get a perfect and long-lasting match between brands and stores. And we can tell you this much: there is already quite an amount of great FAIRLING-Love Stories to tell. One of them is the story of A NORDIC STORM.

Stine Arenshøj has used her background as a mason to create a unique handmade product.
Stine works with 95% recycled materials from nature – a so-called third-hand material that gets a new life in a new home. The material is crushed marble with many fantastic colours.

A NORDIC STORM is about more than just interior design and bringing new things into the home. All products are handmade down to the smallest detail and are produced in Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

Stine, the founder of a nordic storm, at work.
How did it all start? What’s the idea behind A NORDIC STORM?

One day when we were in the Faroe Islands, I had a great desire to drink my coffee outside. Because it is very stormy there, I first had to cast a bench so that it wouldn’t fly away in the Nordic weather. That’s how it all started.

In the process, I experienced a tremendous love for creativity and again using my hands and creating something beautiful. Over time, I completely forgot what I was actually capable of and how much I loved this craft. I was too absorbed in everyday life.

That feeling triggered a decision to create something bigger. My decision suddenly revealed many positive sides: I could finally do what I love very much again, and at the same time I could spend more time with my husband.

Who are the people behind the brand? Tell us something about yourselves.

A NORDIC STORM has a foundation deep inside me and my name is Stine. I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and an angel. I live both in Denmark and in the Faroe Islands, as my husband is Faroese and enjoys the differences the two worlds bring. Especially in nature, which is predominantly my source of inspiration for my designs. In nature I feel really balanced, there I have air and space to breathe and to develop.

My husband and I work both in A NORDIC STORM. Accordingly, we not only function as a couple but also complement each other very well professionally.

In 1999 I was trained as a mason and then a building designer and have for a number of years been away from construction and the creative world, but now I have found a home in a world where I can be allowed to be creative and can create the unique that generates joy in the home.

What was your favourite highlight or happy moment in the last months?

Especially when it comes to spring and summer, we sell many of our coffee tables/side tables. Now that they are designed to fit both indoors and outdoors, they are a hit. Our color combination allows you to create a unique garden arrangement whether it is on the terrace or on the balcony. It pleases us and is absolutely amazing to see.

As time goes by, we also receive more and more inquiries from shops that have become aware of us and want to sell our products. To give an example: We sold around 400 candlesticks to a shop at the beginning of the year – these are already sold out and the shop has already ordered again. Of course, it gives us enormous pleasure to see how well our products are received!

A nordic storm candleholders.
In marketing and sales, you rely on strong, long-term relationships with your retailers. Why do they choose you? And why do you choose them?

As far as possible, we always try to be there for our partners and respond to their wishes, which is why we don’t have a minimum order quantity, for example. If our retailer has a special request for a product, we are happy to help develop it especially for them.

It is extremely important to me to try to always be there personally for our partners and to build a good partnership – I know and trust them, the same goes for them. I believe that the relationship is an essential part of a collaboration. That is exactly one of the reasons why our dealers choose us.

You have received 9 requests from new retailers at FAIRLING so far. Can you give us a little background information on one of these love stories?

For me personally, it counts as a true love story that so many shops showed interest in our brand, even though they were also affected by the lockdown.

Here are more little love stories:
A shop ordered just before the lockdown and called me back that she didn’t manage to sell the products because the shops closed right after the order was placed. But that didn’t stop her. She gave away one of our products to her customers to simply create joy.

Another company found us through FAIRLING and now represents our products in Denmark and it is going really well!

Also, a shop in Switzerland received our products and immediately wrote that they will order again soon. I love working with our retailers and we get nothing but praise, which of course makes us more than happy.

Crushed marble plate on a table.
Where should the journey go? What is the vision of A NORDIC STORM?

Our journey continues and gets wilder and wilder.
We set a goal in September 2020 that we want to be international. That’s what we are now! Our goal is to make wonderful products as sustainably as possible. To create a new life out of leftover natural products and to make the consumer want to contribute to interior design with this part as well. We make every product by hand, and we will continue to do so even as demand increases and there is more to do. There are many productions, but we want to give the individual the uniqueness of each piece. We are expanding container production in Denmark and the Faroe Islands. The next goal is to take our furniture further out into the world.

Is there anything you would definitely advise other young, emerging brands to do?

The most important advice is to stick to your own convictions in what you do and not compromise just to get ahead faster. It will hurt you in the end. Agree that things can take time, but often things happen faster than we expect. The fear of whether we can succeed can drive us, but if we believe in our vision and follow it, no matter what obstacles are in the way, we will get through it. We all start somewhere ♡

Thank you, Stine, for the great interview, and all the best for you and your brand! Hopefully, there will be many more Love Stories for you to experience!

Vase and candle holder.
Founder:Stine Arenshøj
FAIRLING member since:Aug 19, 2020
First international request:Dec 02, 2020
Locations of interested stores through FAIRLING:
9 cities
(3 countries)
Performance so far:31 interested shops, 9 requests, 7 orders

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