The different business goals on Instagram and which one will fit your current marketing situation and your brand the most (Part 4)

In our last post, we talked about how you can set up your S.M.A.R.T. goals, what important factors you need to pay attention to, and how to start with a business goal for your brand and the specific advertisement that you want to publish. Today we are talking about the different business goals that are possible for you on Instagram and how you can finalize your business goals. 

Three Main Business Goal Categories

So basically there are three big main categories of business goals for Instagram. Under these three categories, you will find smaller categories of business goals. Keep in mind that every business goal is different and will affect the way you will publish and how you want to design your advertisement. Before finally publishing your advertisement you have to make sure what exactly you want to achieve with your advertisement and how exactly you can achieve this goal.

Awareness As The First Business Goal 

The first main category of business goals on Instagram is awareness. Awareness is very helpful to drive attention to your business, a product, an app, or a service that you are offering. With that, you can reach as many people as possible who have not heard of your brand yet. Under the main awareness category, you can decide between three subcategories that will help to grow your brand. 

Chose Between Online Awareness, Local Awareness, and Reach

The first possible business goal under the category awareness is brand awareness which usually helps to increase awareness of your business or products among Instagram users who have not heard of your brand yet. Basically, you want to use brand awareness for growing your brand when you are right at the beginning of your business. Another subcategory is reached. You want to use the business goal reach to get the maximum value out of your advertisement and reach as many Instagram users in your target audience as possible. The last category is local awareness. This is especially important when you are running a local store that is genuinely new and you want your store to get more popularity and awareness in your local social network on Instagram. You can choose the location of where your advertisement should reach your target audience, so make sure to choose your local area.

Consideration As The Second Business Goal

The second main category is “consideration”. This business goal is more on the side of giving potential customers a better insight into your brand and your products. You do not only want to raise awareness of your brand but make your target audience interested in and curious about your brand and your products. The goal here is that potential customers will interact with your brand and want to find out more about what your brand is about exactly.

Consideration to Gain Interest of Potential Customers

The possible business goals for consideration can be website clicks. You do not only want your target audience to interact with your profile on Instagram but with your website, your products, and maybe even your blog or your “About Us” page. You want to drive more traffic directly to your website and offer potential customers all the important and interesting information about your brand and products to possibly turn them into loyal customers. Interesting information about your brand can also be put into a video which is also the second business goal, video views. A video is a very good way to inform your target audience about your brand and gain their attention and interest. But also a picture can be a very good way to achieve this business goal. Think about the different types of advertisements and chose the best option for this business goal. The goal here is to not only raise awareness but to get your target audience interested in your brand so that they will much likely interact with your brand, products, and your website.

Conversion As The Third Business Goal

The last and probably most important category is conversion. You have probably already heard of the famous conversion rate of a business. This shows how many of your potential customers converted into actual customers during the whole awareness – consideration – conversion process. With this business goal, you want to increase product sales or more store traffic on your website to gain a better ranking in the Google search results. 

Convert Potential Customers Into Loyal Customers

The tricky thing about the business goal conversion is that you have to create an advertisement that will most likely lead to this goal. Especially on Instagram, that means that you have to create advertisements that will immediately convert a potential customer to an actual customer. This means that you need to build your advertisement around the product that you want to increase the sales of or around your product page to motivate potential customers to shop on your website. A very good way for this is the catalogue advertisement option on Instagram. Potential customers can shop directly on Instagram from your shop without leaving the app. Of course converting customers can also mean that you want to gain more subscribers to your newsletter or followers to your online blog. You have to make sure to think carefully about what exactly you are selling and how you want to convert a potential customer into an actual customer on your website. 

At Which Point Are You With Your Brand?

Basically, the order for business goals and following the advertisements is always the same. Awareness → Consideration → Conversion. You have to think carefully about where exactly you are with your brand at the moment and what exactly your business goal for your next advertisement should look like. Are you a new brand and want to gain more followers and awareness of your brand? Then the first step is the way to go for you. Make sure that you analyze your statistics and check on where exactly you should put your focus on for your next advertisement. 

Stay tuned for more information about marketing as well as interesting wholesale topics and helpful logistical tips to reach your full potential with everything you have for your brand!

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