We like to call FAIRLING an online dating site for brands: the goal is to get a perfect and long-lasting match between brands and stores.  And we can tell you this much: there is already quite an amount of great FAIRLING-Love Stories to tell. One of them is the story of Krayna.

Krayna works with us on FAIRLING since March, 2022. With their vegan and cruelty free cosmetics Krayna wants to set a statement that should ideally be the norm for the rest of the cosmetics industry as well. So far, they have already received two requests from interested retailers. The love story between Krayna and unique retailers was a full success. Through FAIRLING Krayna has been able to find long-lasting partnerships.

The Polish brand Krayna was founded by Magda and Damian with the intention to combine the best and most unique traits in cosmetics that are inspired by our planet. For Krayna, beauty means care and they are following their own very detailed guide on how to achieve both goals equally:

  1. Every step matters: Krayna believes that even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. 
  2. Krayna protects what’s most precious: They love animals and strive to protect their home — our planet. Krayna’s involvement starts with their products, which are cruelty free and 100% plant-based.
  3. A second life: The contents are just as important as the packaging. Krayna chooses only what they can recycle. Glass has power! They choose glass over plastic and give the packages a second life.
  4. Good ingredients: Krayna’s ingredients are safe and beneficial for your skin — and won’t harm the Earth. They believe that by choosing products consisting of natural ingredients, we take care of both ourselves and future generations.
  5. Krayna means people: Krayna loves people who look after others and our planet. They take the steps to bring them closer to nature. They love diversity and respect differences.

“At Krayna, we believe that the true beauty comes from nature. Our Krajna is a real place! It’s located amid fragrant meadows, clean lakes and rich woodlands, on the cusp of two Polish districts: the Kuyavian-Pomeranian, and Greater Poland. A land filled with beauty, harmony, and peace, where nature comes first. Our certified vegan cosmetics are inspired by Krajna and the goodness it offers. Our packaging is created in the spirit of ‘zero waste’ because we believe that small steps make a big difference. Draw from nature’s best with us.”

How did it all start? What is the idea behind KRAYNA?

It all started with the fact that, together with Damian, we were very busy people. We lived intensely until we came to the point when we felt exhausted and exhausted by such an intense life. We decided to change everything, catch the balance and put down our roots to breathe. After years of working separately, we constantly traveled, we decided to start a joint business as Magda and Damian. We took inspiration in the region where we both come from, where we grew up and where we met many years ago. We decided to look for experts to invest finances in the production of vegan cosmetics. We moved to the lake and started our journey all over again together far away from the city. When I wake up in the morning and see the lake and start my work, I don’t feel like I’m working, but alive.


I have been working in sales and marketing for years. I love to appear, talk to people, establish relationships and Damian is an expert in the production part, he has the know-how and represents technical engineering features. We shared in the company that everyone is responsible for a given part and we get along wonderfully for over 24 years living together

What was your favorite highlight or happy moment in the last months?

The happiest moment was when our children finally stopped getting sick, we finished building a house by the lake and our cosmetics appeared in so many wonderful places around the world. A lot of good things have happened in our lives recently.

In marketing and sales, you rely on strong, long-term relationships with your retailers AND CUSTOMERS. Why do they choose you?

Customers choose Krayna because they feel that Krayna cooperates with the people who created it. Our team is small but very committed. We take care of every detail, we do not take shortcuts and we have waited many months for the results of our work, so we are focused on achieving our goals and consistently achieve them, but on our own rules.


Shortly after starting our activities on FAIRLING, we started to receive nice feedback and then we got an order from the first shop. I said: “Wow, that was fast!”. It’s a fantastic story to learn about what is important to customers of different countries. It’s the product they love, not us. Each story is interesting to us, but it is our products that captivated them. We are their creators and it is an honor for us that they chose us. The first shop we got a request from is an online store with a very committed owner who is active in social media very close to Poland but with a completely different culture. It’s very fascinating! This is what I love about my job!

This is the love story we are looking for at FAIRLING. Bringing unique brands and wonderful retailers together so they can form a long-lasting partnership that they found through FAIRLING.

Where should the journey go? What is the vision of KRAYNA?

We are building our own network of clients. We choose special places with good energy and commitment of sellers. It’s important for us to protect the planet, veganism and sustainable development. In the long term we want to create and live in a place where the nature of animals is respected and not the other way around. This is very important to us. It’s a long journey and for sure slower and will take us many years. But we are prepared. Quality, not quantity. Less means more. We believe in this.

Is there anything you would definitely advise other young, emerging brands to do?

Set goals, work on your own rules and  get ready for long-term action and the most important thing: Be patient and do your own thing. Made by Krayna with true love! Put your whole heart into everything and customers will love it too. We think that only authentic brands can survive.

Thank you, Magda, for the lovely interview! We wish you all the best for you and your brand! Hopefully, there will be many more Love Stories for you to experience!

Company: Krayna
Founder: Madga & Damian
Country: Poland
Active FAIRLING member since: March, 2022 to this day
First request: April 08, 2022
Locations of interested stores through FAIRLING
so far:
2 cities
Performance so far: 127 interested shops,
2 requests so far

Do you want to be part of FAIRLING, too?

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